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The way I see Asperger’s syndrome

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I’m a ‘visual creature’, so I’m going to use images that can best describe what I mean. I can make my point across easier that way.
At least I know I can get a few minds to follow my thoughts this way. Let’s put it this way… I will try to explain like I would the most simple and even childish way possible.

Let’s try to analyze the very autistic picture:

nr 1

Being NT, the NeuroTypical minded and The Individual the Autistic. Of course that this is my own general picture of what each other see.

The Autistic:

nr 2

The Not very autistic:

nr 3

The Aspergers:

nr 4

nr 5

When it comes to Others*, I have a feeling that the  NT are trying not to pay so must attention! For some obscure reason or simply because they have to admit that they don’t have a clue!

Let me know what you think…

Thanks for reading!